Chef Oscar Lexö, Koks Restaurang

At the heart of Gothenburg, the Lexö family holds a modern Swedish cuisine restaurant, highly regarded among visitors. Upon contact with us, Chef Oscar Lexö experimented with Promyc mycoprotein in the creation of dishes using ingredients commonly found in a Swedish kitchen.

The two dishes were prepared based on marinating, battering and frying of Promyc bits, giving it a crunchy texture while not drying the mycoprotein, which could create an overly hard texture. Upon evaluating how it cooks, the naturally occurring flavor and uptake of external flavors, Chef Lexö labeled the product as an extremely versatile option that can be used not only in main dishes but easily in side-dishes or desserts!

“It’s a really exciting product, Promyc has quite a neutral taste so it’s very easy to bring it into so many different dishes”

– Chef Oscar Lexö

We are excited with the results from this experiment and look forward for continued collaboration with Koks Restaurang.