Promyc in your kitchen!

So far, we have made Promyc4Cuisine reach professionals who could test Promyc under various circumstances. This time, we’re opening it up so you can try it in your own kitchen! Interested? Apply now in the form below!

Promyc is a product for companies. It enables the creation of new vegan products of great quality and sustainability improvements. However, we have been getting many requests from individuals that would like to try Promyc for themselves, whether for an alternative Christmas dinner or just by pure fascination and curiosity. To all of you who have shown this interest, we hear you!

During 2020 we’re planning to bring Promyc as a hands-on experience to some of you who have long been asking for it. So far, Promyc4Cuisine has been a campaign where we collaborate with Chefs and professionals so we can learn more about Promyc ourselves and how to make it even better. We now want to take this experience beyond this level and open it up to more people.

Starting from right now, you can apply to be one of the first ones trying Promyc. What does this mean? It means during the beginning of 2020, you will have the privilege of receiving your own package of Promyc mycoprotein, cook a delicious meal with it and tell all your friends!

During this process, we will be able to learn from you how to make our product a better offer to companies, and in this way, a better product for you. Be a part of our journey!

How will it work?

We created an easy step-by-step guide for you: