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Making food costs a lot to our planet, and transporting it around the world is both unnecessary and problematic.

By going Glocal, we mean being locally produced globally. Because that’s what we do. Although we are very proud of our Swedish heritage, our process and technology can easily be set up in any country, to make Promyc locally produced anywhere in the world.

Let's go Glocal!

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Our Väldigt Swedish Vegoballs are made from Promyc, a completely new ingredient based on fungi protein, also known as mycoprotein. Mycoprotein is a natural and nutritious vegan protein made through fermentation, not so unlike the process of beer brewing. The fungi grow with a natural texture and give this product a meaty chewiness, excellent roasting surface and a unique non-plant flavour. Promyc is extremely resource efficient and sustainable, using much less resources to grow than other plant-based alternatives. And last but not least, it’s completely produced in Gothenburg, Sweden!

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We are sold out!

The Promyc Vego Balls launch was a first ever limited edition with the goal of bringing Promyc directly to your kitchen. Our packages ran out fast and we thank all our eager fans.

We do still get some packages now and then, so if you really want to try them, get in touch with us directly and we’ll see what’s possible!

This is a first ever limited edition with the goal of bringing Promyc directly to your kitchen. Tell us a bit about yourself and come aboard on our mission to make a difference! 

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